First Light

This is Jessamyne, a lovely girl. Great model. Fun to work with. I might get one more picture out of this photo session we did. Very, very happy with a couple of them, this one and Grace.

Jessamyne didn’t know that David Bowie had a Jessamine in his song, Always Crashing In The Same Car, on the album, Low.

Every chance,
every chance that I take
I take it on the road
Those kilometres and the red lights
I was always looking left and right
Oh, but I’m always crashing
in the same car

Jasmine, I saw you peeping
As I pushed my foot down to the floor
I was going round and round the hotel garage
Must have been touching close to 94
Oh, but I’m always crashing
in the same car

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As is my wont, I’ve manage to plug up this site with all manner of writings, photographs,art work, comics, podcasts, the sorts of things that were not really the intended focus of this website.

So I have created another site dedicated to ONLY music. Mostly my music, but sometimes other people as well. I swear for real this time.

It is  There you will find only music. And videos. And music-related things. You can still find tons of music stuff here, of course.

Here,, will continue to be the sprawling compendium into which it has inadvertently evolved.

While I will still post news about upcoming shows, releases, etc., here, the details will be there.

While I’m at it, let me mention I am playing at the Bateau Ivre in Berkeley again on April 1. Showtime 7 pm. I intend to perform one and maybe two world-premiers of original songs. You see, now I have to finish them.

I’m going record a new podcast and post a new picture I made from my last photo shoot.

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JFK poem revisited, The Big Shimmer, bookstore ambiance, Moby,

I thought I would try doing a long-format podcast, but the fact is, they just disappear, don’t get posted where they are supposed to. So I’m back to basics: ten minutes. That’s it. This is my last long podcast. As we say in showbiz,”Always leave ‘em wanting more.”

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