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I went to a record release party recently, a record release as in an actual LP vinyl album, comprised of recordings made December 1, 1967 and January 28, 1968, of the band Haymarket Riot performing at the First Unitarian Church of Kensington, California, a small township just north of Berkeley.

I was handed a gatefold album cover and opened it and was very pleasantly surprised to see the poster I did for the show on the inside, based on a bottle of jug red wine. I was seventeen at the time. I have no idea why they asked me to do the poster: I don’t recall ever calling myself an artist, even though I was always making pictures or playing guitar and trying to write songs, but I don’t think I talked about it much. We were all kids at Berkeley High.

Then I looked on the back cover and there was an unattributed black-and-white drawing and I thought that looked like something I would have done. I looked closer and saw the legend,”BY THE VANISHING AVOCADO” and then I knew it was mine. I did not do the lettering for the date & time & address! I left those spots open.

I did add the phrase, “A Rebirth of Wonder,” from a Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “I Am Waiting.” That would have eventually tipped me off I’m fairly certain, if I had left off the vanishing avocado!

Interesting times.

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Had a shoot with local model Candace Nirvana the other day. Always fun. This one and the next two are from the shoot. {probably} More coming later, when I have time to app them.

All shot & processed with an iPhone 5S. (as always!)


New Cover Art for “Flight of the Atom Bee”


I suppose it’s fairly self-explanatory: My first cd, Flight of the Atom Bee, has a new cover to celebrate the new year, 2016.

This is part of a re-organization my back-catalog to prepare for the re-release of my album, the seasons (composer’s mix), the release of my next vocal album, One Man’s Opinion Of Moonlight, and, I hope, the release of a new collection of instrumental works, Pacifica. All happening in 2016.

I’m also going to close down I can never decide where to post something, here or there, so I end up posting nowhere. That is, as the management consultants would aver, counter-productive.

And remember: you can buy Flight of the Atom Bee here.

Elsewhere on this site, currently in the Selected Writings category, you can find a number of essays about how each track was created, essential readings for gearheads (or anybody interested in my creative process).