I suppose it’s fairly self-explanatory: My first cd, Flight of the Atom Bee, has a new cover to celebrate the new year, 2016.

This is part of a re-organization my back-catalog to prepare for the re-release of my album, the seasons (composer’s mix), the release of my next vocal album, One Man’s Opinion Of Moonlight, and, I hope, the release of a new collection of instrumental works, Pacifica. All happening in 2016.

I’m also going to close down knoxbronsonmusic.net. I can never decide where to post something, here or there, so I end up posting nowhere. That is, as the management consultants would aver, counter-productive.

And remember: you can buy Flight of the Atom Bee here.

Elsewhere on this site, currently in the Selected Writings category, you can find a number of essays about how each track was created, essential readings for gearheads (or anybody interested in my creative process).