A journey in the woods while sitting silently

I took a trip on a Gemini Spaceship ... wait ... that's a Legendary Stardust Cowboy song (also covered by David Bowie, the other Stardust) ... I took a trip to the north California Coast to listen to the silent forest and to watch the rocks breathe. I...

Sophia & Cinnamon


{audioboo} The “David Bowie Is” Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum

And here is the video that shows Bowie working with the backup singers on "Right" - Bowie can be seen writing in a notebook at points in the video. The exhibition had a chart made by him of the backing vocals ... measures, beats, words, incredible! Incredible he could...

Midnight Self-Portrait

I was doing test shots to explore a look for my next album cover. The immediate debate was "clean-shaven or scruffy?" I took a poll among friends. The result: clean-shaven for the cover of One Man's Opinion Of...

Sunday Morning

It is always a joy to work with model Candace Nirvana. We did a shoot a while back at the place where I lived in the Oakland hills. This was one of the photos from that...

Before The Light Takes Us Away


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Photography & Art

Photography & Art


the seasons {remixed/remastered}

Pop Down The Years

Flight of the Atom Bee

Deus Sex Machina



P1XELS ~ The Art of the iPhone

Flapping, the novel

Community Garden

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