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[comics] The Killing Of JFK

[audioboo] They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday, too, yeah!

On the occasion of my sixty-eighth birthday.

[video] Winter Blue

Created from a seven-and-a-half hour hi-res video made available by Channel NRK2, on the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. I felt it would be perfect for "winter blue," from the album "the seasons [remixed/remastered]." Finally got around to doing the edits. Yes,...

{audioboo} Election Night 2018 Update

Not that political! Just a general update on November 6, 2018.

Brad Eigen’s “Knox Timeline” 2018 edition

My last post was an audioboo about this graphic, done by my friend Brad Eigen for an assignment when he was going to nursing school some years ago. I must say it is an odd document at which to look, inasmuch I am its subject. The piece has evolved over the years. I...

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Photography & Art

Photography & Art


the seasons {remixed/remastered}

Pop Down The Years

Flight of the Atom Bee

Deus Sex Machina



P1XELS ~ The Art of the iPhone

Flapping, the novel

Community Garden

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