{audioboo} 1965 SF Radio Station KEWB Weekly Newsletter: Top 30, Beatles, Etc.

You can see all eight pages here. Much more fun to explore...

By the frog pond

Candice On The Stairs ~ Edition of 6

Edition of 6 prints, 13x19 (image area 10.5"x14") signed & numbered on Hahnemuhle Photo Luster 13x19" Photo Paper, 290GSM

A Day At Pismo Beach

I think I shot these on an iPhone 3GS. Maybe an iPhone 2! Can't remember. It's been a while. What I do remember was the very limited apps we had to work with at the time. Still, these images have stood the test of time (unlike a lot of my early iPhone...

{audioboo} Back On Facebook. Books About Music. Formulaic Instagram. The Search For An Absinthe Recipe.

Yes, I'm going back to calling these oral snippets of random consciousness "Audioboos." Audioboo was the original name of the platform and still way better than...

[podcast] Farewell Candida, Truest Of Friends

I was surprised to discover that I hadn't posted this Audioboo back when I recorded it, in late 2015, on my website. I wanted it to be on this site. I, along with many many people, still miss...

Weird Album Covers From Hither and Thither

Weird Album Covers I Found Looking For Something Else.

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Photography & Art

Photography & Art


the seasons {remixed/remastered}

Pop Down The Years

Flight of the Atom Bee

Deus Sex Machina



P1XELS ~ The Art of the iPhone

Flapping, the novel

Community Garden

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