The Guitar Lesson

Homage à Balthus, The Guitar Lesson 1935

I told Marisol (sitting) and Rachael (lying back) that I wanted the picture to look like how this music sounds. I think we did it!

Jody Frost At Home

These are self-portraits. I posted them on the wrong site! But they are so lovely I’m going to leave them up. Posting one I took of Jody at our first shoot ten years ago.

In The Still Of The Night

I found this image, as I often do, looking for something else. The top image of the belt was a photogram, a process by which one places an object directly on photosensitive paper and exposes it under an enlarger, creating a shadow image. This final image was a collaboration with my friend, Berkeley artist Lynn Klein.

Livestock No. 2

Another picture I rediscovered while assigning categories to all the pictures on the site. I never published this one. I think I was scared to.