Play them out, Keyboard Cat!

Play Elvis out, Keyboard Cat! What a weird clip. My last Keyboard Cat video.

0:44. Play Fan Cat out, Keyboard Cat! My first Keyboard Cat video. Poor kitty!

1:25. Play Pinky out, Keyboard Cat! Pinky was having a bad day.  

Play Jeepster out, Keyboard Cat! What dumb asses!

Kickstarter campaign videos.

0:93. How I Won The War … I mean … my fifth video for my recent Kickstarter campaign. My first was over six minutes. Someone called it “precious.” I kept making new ones, shorter and shorter. And then I found Poppy.

My first update, wherein I share about myself.

Highlights from the great “LOST” Kickstarter movie.

Kitty & Bunny Vs. Keyboard Cat. The definitive keyboard cat video.

The Astounding Mars Cover-Up in three parts.

5:16. The Astounding Mars Cover-Up Part One. I got this documentary from a friend on VHS twenty years ago. I promptly digitized it and put it up on YouTube. This was back when there was a five-minute limit on videos, hence the three parts. I did a little research, finally, last year, on the origins of this work. What I found (and cannot find again!) led me to believe this was either created as a means to fleece nascent Trump voters and flat-Earthers or was an amazing piece of video performance art.

7:01. The Astounding Mars Cover-Up Part One. Laying the foundation …

9:44. The Astounding Mars Cover-Up Part One. This one is the must-watch!