The Mechanic

New Release ~ I Want To Know (What You Told The Sun) The song You areThe lightYour eyesThe wind Your hairYour softWhite thighs I want to know what you told the sunEveryone knows except me Enclose me nowYour dark perfumeYour lipsYour skinYour silent rooms I want to know what...

Monkey Blue On The New Table

Just did the first pass planing this table I am building. I started building it last year in August, assembling the two halves of the top and the bases. Finally got it assembled in my studio for final finishing and assembly. After that, dinner parties!

Welcome to the website of Knox Bronson, accomplished roué and singer, artist, writer, builder of gardens. 

One Man’s Opinion Of Moonlight, a collection of acoustic ballads, is now available at all online retail and streaming services.  

The Riding The Wild Bubble podcast is available here or anywhere where fine podcasts are hosted. 


One Man’s Opinion Of Moonlight
was released on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

the seasons {remixed/remastered} is now available for FREE download.