The five-panel promo brochure I did for HoneyBun.

The five-panel promo brochure I did for HoneyBun.

There is an old maxim (well, not that old) that the way to get rich is to sell something online that nobody else is selling, or be the first there to do so. This truism, which I pursued to the point of sleeping in my car at the Von’s parking lot at 3rd & Vermont in Los Angeles through parts of 2004 and 2005, did not apply to the selling of Spanking Kits, much to my dismay.

What I believed was a business, in its conception, turned out to be an extended piece of performance art and political theater.

This page is a placeholder, for the time being. I have written over twenty-seven thousand words of a memoir, The Gentlemanly Art Of Spanking, about the HoneyBun adventure. You can see what’s left of the original site at http://myhoneybun.com. I keep it there as a museum piece, basically.

With the launch of our magazine, iPhotographer, my ongoing involvement with P1xels—The Art of the iPhone, and my imminent return to the recording studio and live performance, I’m not sure when I can get back to finishing the book, but I really want to. I may publish some excerpts here.

The genesis of the book was a series of emails a I sent to my friends over the course of the first year or so of HoneyBun, which coincided with me having to suddenly leave my Oakland neighborhood of ten years under threat of death, and my subsequent relocation to Los Angeles and Hollywood for the next couple of years.

A number of friends, including an editor at a well-known publishing house and a published writer, strongly encouraged me to expand on my emails and turn them into a full-length book. I am about two-fifths of the way there.

One of these days, and it won’t long …