I made this video to make fun of the “businessmen” who have floated to the top the iPhone photography movement, much like turds floating in a toilet bowl.

I still want was is best for the community and I have put myself on the line with words, action, and money in that respect for almost years. I’m an artist, can’t escape it, so I don’t really feel I fit in with the Facebook- and spam-driven scene anymore.

You may or may not know that I pioneered the iPhone photography movement, a.k.a., iPhoneography, with the first gallery shows featuring the new medium, in the world back in 2010. My site, http://pixelsatanexhibtion.com, set the standards for and defined the global medium in its earliest days. It was a battle, believe me, but I and the artists of P1XELS prevailed.

We did gallery shows as well as getting press and exposure for the medium and its pioneering artists all over the world. The new site is P1XELS—The Art of Now and it is pretty amazing, but I am backing away to focus once again on my true passion, music. And I have a book to finish. And I want to promote my OWN art, not everybody else’s.

Everybody—the bloggers, the Facebook wonders, the businessmen and contest runners—who has followed after P1XELS has been the inheritor the aesthetic P1XELS created and the quality of work P1XELS demanded of the community.

P1XELS has been a lovely and fun project, but my real work in the movement is done. It has been done for a long time.

I am looking for someone to take P1XELS over. I will still curate the gallery and the [daily pic]—I’ve gotten too much flak when I mention someone else doing it—and pay the bills (and I hope that somebody can monetize the site somehow). I’ll still build galleries and write articles and make movies. I enjoy all that and still love a great picture, from anybody!

The three things P1XELS has always had from the beginning that no other entity can claim are:


Still the same today!


But I’m going to apply all that to my own music and art now.

I feel relieved.

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