I got a hard cover copy of the book in the mail today. As a result, I have pulled the paperback version off the Lulu website. The hardcover lays flat so much more beautifully than the paperback version. (I just looked online and see that no one has ordered a paperback version, anyway!) You all have such great taste.

I received an email from an old friend who was once the Senior Editor of Sierra Club Books, that very high-end publishing company. back in the day. He said,

Got your book today, have looked through all the photos, and am reading it now (to page 60 tonight). It is a TRIUMPH of a book. Wonderfully curated. Love the artist intros, the timeline, and the images amaze. Will get back to you when I’ve read more. Congratulations, Jim.

You can purchase the book here. If you buy the book, please leave a review on Lulu.com. And please be share this post on your social networks. Thank you.

Below are some page spreads from the book, thirty pages out of three-hundred and fifty.