I have been spending all my money on music year and technology as I reenter the world of performing after a hiatus. And I wasn’t planning on booking any model shoots but a week ago, I discovered a photographer named William Mortensen who seems to have been blacklisted by the photographic establishment in the 20th century. He was a pictorialist and therefore, a peer of Alfred Stieglitz, and his work was wonderfully romantic, sexy, and very painterly. Ansel Adams called him the antichrist. I fell in love with him in 15 minutes of looking at his work and got so inspired I called up Dusky and booked photo shoot.

I may give a bunch of the pictures I took to some of the artists on P1xels and let them app them, come up with some different approaches and looks. Anyway, here are a couple of mine. I just read this. I sound like a retard, I know. I’m half-asleep and dictating this to Siri so I’m going to blame it on Siri.