In anticipation of releasing my novel, Flapping, finally, on iBooks and Amazon Kindle, and its companion album, “Flapping ~ The Official Soundtrack” on January 8, 2021, I have posted the whole album on Soundcloud for free streaming and on Bandcamp for free download (although you can purchase if you want!).

Here is the songlist. Most are from my previously released albums, Flight of the Atom Bee and Deus Sex Machina. Stay is the original version, never before released.

  1. 3 seconds before maia smiled
  2. wild pink yonder
  3. [hydraulic] serenity applicator
  4. ubi me ibi apes
  5. stay
  6. march of the molecule men
  7. flight of the atombee
  8. sex party
  9. boolean nights
  10. bulbous and flapping
  11. the quark and the jaguar
  12. fountain of you