I woke up this morning and was promptly alerted by a friend that the Oakland Tribune had a big feature about the iPhone photography show I put together with the Giorgi gallery in Berkeley. What a great article it is!

Jennifer Modenessi, art and culture writer for the Bay Area Newspaper Group, writes:

While hundreds of the cell phone camera’s fans are passionate about their medium and flock to Web sites such as flickr or use blogs to share their photos, iPhone photography is still very much on the fringes of the mainstream art world. So using a selection of grainy, artful images from his Web site, Bronson and Oakland resident Rae Douglass have mounted “Pixels at an Exhibition” at Berkeley’s Giorgi Gallery, which they believe is the world’s first gallery display devoted exclusively to iPhone photography.

Submitted by both seasoned and amateur shooters from around the world, the iPhone photos capture fleeting instances such as a bird momentarily resting on a cafe table or a surfer riding a wave. Some, such as Valerie Ardini’s black-and-white shot of a couple in the rain, recall traditional street photography. Others, such as Marty Yawnick’s colorfulshot of a dusty Texaco gas station, are all about design and composition. Many of the images bear the distinctive look of photo apps, or software programs created specifically for the cell phone cameras. They allow users to creatively manipulate their photos to approximate the look of vintage nondigital equipment, toy cameras or other special photographic effects.

Read the whole article here.

Thank you, Jennifer!