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Happy New Year! No … wait … Happy Valentine’s Day, it’s closer.

Well, I was supposed to send this email about two years ago, but I always think, “Well I’ll send one right after I do x, and then I will have something to actually share with people.” And then we go around the sun twice. Which is fine, because I am actually very excited about both of the main items herein …

Pixels At An Exhibition gallery show in Berkeley opening Jan. 30

I have just spent the last couple of days putting together the final components for the gallery show I, in conjunction with Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, I have put together.
I have gotten obsessed with iPhone photography (iPhontography) and I had an idea for a gallery show, so I approached Rae Douglass of the Giorgi Gallery (2911 Claremont Blvd., Berkeley, CA, 94705) and asked him if he would be interested in doing it in his gallery. I had searched the web for an indication that some other gallery somewhere had done a similar show and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that no one had, as far as I could tell, and that would make us the first!
And Rae said okay. That was early December. I quickly built the site iphontography.org and began promoting and calling for submissions. Within a couple weeks, we had garnered an article in the New York Times! You can learn much more, and see all the entries on the NEW site, Pixels At An Exhibition.
The show opens at 4-8 p.m., tomorrow, January 30. If you are in the area, I hope you can make it!
My friend, Grant Hazard, is going to debut his amazing new cd, Genus Euphony, on the grand piano that is in the gallery. He’ll probably start playing at around 6:30 or 7.
If you are interested, you can see a lot of my work at my site, https://knoxbronson.com. Click on “Gallery.”

Live Recording Session at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, February 19

On another note, I am going to record my next cd in the amazing Fantasy Studios facility at 10th and Parker in Berkeley. The recording will take place at 5 p.m. on Friday, February 19, 2010. Everybody from David Bowie to U2 (the studio manager confirmed that Bono is as big of a jerk as he seems to be) and all our local Bay Area bands has recorded there.
I am going to be playing nylon string guitar and singing my favorite ballads from the sixties and seventies, with one old standard and a couple of originals thrown in.
You are invited to join me in Studio D for the recording session, which will be like a live show. I am hoping to have around 30 friends there for an intimate musical recital. If you would like to come, please write me and I will put you on the list. The studio opens at 5 p.m., recording will commence at about 6 p.m.

My cds

Digital distribution of my catalog has been a nightmare for two years now. I recently took all of my material down from the old distributor – Pop Down The Years, the seasons, Deus Sex Machina, and Flight of the Atom Bee – and have taken over distribution myself. They are not yet back up for purchase. Sort of a bummer, but that is the music game. I have a number of songs and demos available for free download at https://knoxbronson.com. Click on the “Free Downloads” section.

Okay, much to do today, still. Please write if you want to be at Fantasy when I record the cd.


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