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– From Tech Troubles to Fashion Fables: A Journey of Self-Reliance and Creativity
– From Tech Support to Fashion Icons: A Tale of Discovery
– Becoming Self-Reliant in a Tech-Heavy World and Learning from Fashion Legends
– Discovering Creativity Through Tech Problems and Fashion Stories
– From Tech Glitches to Vogue Stitches: A Story of Self-Reliance
– Journey through Tech Support to the Runway: Lessons in Self-Reliance
– Tech Woes, Woodworking, and Wardrobe Wonders: A Podcast of Unlikely Pairings


Remember that time when your kid called you for the umpteenth time to fix a tech issue? I had a similar experience with my son, who used to call me incessantly for tech support. It’s a funny story, but it also got me thinking about the value of self-reliance. Alongside this amusement, I found a metaphorical meaning in my woodworking experiences. It’s like that old Zen saying – before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, you still chop wood and carry water. 

From chopping wood to talking about the fashion industry, this episode is truly diverse. I’ll share my fascination with the documentary about Diana Vreeland, the iconic editor of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, who was a driving force in the fashion scene of the 60s. Her relentless pursuit of creativity is absolutely awe-inducing, and her story offers so much more than just fashion talk. To top it all off, I’ll let you in on a peculiar revelation about myself: a straight man with the sensibilities of a gay man. So, buckle up, this is not your typical ride in the wild bubble!


Will you be the same person before and after enlightenment? Join me on this enlightening journey where life’s simplest tasks like chopping wood and carrying water become metaphors for life’s profound truths. Listen in as I narrate the hilarious yet insightful story of my son’s constant tech support requests and the subsequent understanding of the significance of self-dependence. 

For the fashion aficionados and the creatively curious, I delve into the riveting tale of Diana Vreeland, the powerhouse behind Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue in the swinging sixties. Her relentless drive for creativity that redefined the fashion landscape is truly inspiring. As a straight man with a dose of a gay man’s sensibilities, I share my fascination for fashion and chef documentaries. Tune in for this uniquely entertaining episode where enlightenment, self-reliance, fashion inspiration, and chef-driven passion come together. Not your typical wild bubble ride, but a lot more!


Join me on this podcast as I share my experiences with woodworking and how it has become a metaphor for life – before enlightenment, you chop wood and carry water, and after enlightenment, you still chop wood and carry water. Listen in as I recount the amusing tale of my son and his habit of constantly calling me for tech support, and how it led to a poignant realization of the importance of self-reliance. 

In the latter half of the podcast, I discuss the captivating documentary about Diana Vreeland, the unstoppable force behind fashion defining publications Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue in the 60s. Whether you’re into fashion or not, you’ll find the story of her relentless pursuit of creativity and her impact on the industry truly inspiring. Don’t miss out on this episode as besides the fashion talk, I also touch on my fascination with chef documentaries and the peculiar fact that I’m a straight man with a gay man’s sensibilities. Trust me, this is not riding the wild bubble with you, it’s a whole lot more!