Back in late 2002, I got the crazy notion that I could create a “spanking kit” and sell it online. Sit back and count the money and work on music all day. It didn’t work out that way. I built the website. You can see what’s left of it at Very cute stuff, in my opinion, still.

The fact is, there just wasn’t a market for this product. Another company did a copycat version with very cheap components—Honeybun was top grade cosmetic materials, organic essential oils, etc.—and noirish porno packaging and did fairly well as I understand it.

In any case, I created a gallery of vintage spanking pictures for the site which no one ever sees. Thought I would bring it over here, after seeing “The Dangerous Method,” the other night, in which Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung repeatedly spanks Kiera Knightly as Sabina. Great movie by David Cronenberg.