Voice Of America Feature on Pixels Gallery Show Broadcast Throughout the Middle East.

Monaliza Noor of the Persian Bureau of the Voice of America did this feature on the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art exhibit of iPhone photography that ran through April of 2011 in Santa Ana, California. It was broadcast throughout the Middle East and on Persian cable channels in the USA in late May and early June of 2011.
Here is a transcript of the script:
Anchor Intro:
In the first three months of this year (2nd fiscal quarter), Apple sold more than 18 million iphones worldwide- a new record. While the presence of iphones continues to grow, so has its functionality with a myriad of applications adding to its appeal. In this next report we take a look at a new way the iphone camera is creating what some are calling a new art form. We have this report from southern California accompanied with music by Knox Bronson.

It’s called iphonography, a new medium in which photos are taken and processed solely with the iphone.

Knox Bronson is co-creator of “Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography” exhibit that recently ended its 4-week run here at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

The photos can only be altered through iphone applications or apps. The applications can distort the image and alter the saturation, contrast, and lighting of the image. Some photos here reflect the use of one application, while others reflect as many as six or seven.

SOT: KNOX BRONSON, Co-curator, Pixels

They’re a lot of arguments about whether or not it’s photography, I don’t think it really is, it starts with the photographic process but then it goes somewhere else (more…)